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Porsche 356
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PORSCHE 356 B T5 Reutter Coupe
Year: 1959

The restauration from this beauty was done after many years of race experience in national and
international European championship.
The owner won the Eifel Classic on the Nordschleife, European Championship and also Salzburg
Austria European Championship beside several national events with a similar 356 B T5.
The main goal was to provide a perfect body with the best components available without regard to
time and cost.
The focus was on originality and patina, not on the replacement of parts that are re manufactured
and differ significantly from the originals.
All safety-relevant parts were installed according to current standards within the framework of the
FIA Homologation.

Body Restauration

The body was lightly sandblasted by an specialized company to prevent problems
Roll cage Plates
All necessary parts have been changed
Matching Numbers


SPAX shock absorbers front and rear, rear adjustable
PU Bearings all around
Full race stabilizer adjustable system SWAY with unibal and PU bearing
Heavy duty rear torsion bars 25 mm S WAY AWAY

Brake System

2 way master cylinder
All brake cylinders ATE new
Front 60 mm Carrera Drums and Brake shoes in Alloy, vented
Rear Standard with new brake shoes, vented
Handbrake standard
Brake hoses in stainless steel


Gearbox overhauled and ratio from Carrera GT US, long ratio for Nordschleife
1B 2B 3E 3C
Motorsport Clutch


Case finely machined and spindled, polished
New Pistons and Cylinders
New Crank shaft
New Camshaft
New Conrods
New pullyes
Full race heads
Solex 40P11 Carbs with 36mm venturiis and velocity stacks
Front Oil Cooler with Thermostat
Deep sump with steel skid plate
Bursch Race Exhaust system
Gasoline Tank in original 80 Liter specification, metal
Electric fuel pump
4-Point Safety Belt
Front hood locks
Rime chrome 5,5×15
Main switch
Plexiglas all around, except front
Special Instruments

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