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Audi S4 B8 Tuning

3,0 TFSI 245 kW (333 hp) quattro > 05/14

The sports compact S4 limousine inspires every Audi enthusiasts and MTM's engineering team set out to extend the passion with upgrades that touch on the outer limits of performance enhancements. By adding to the excellent platform of the S4 our expertise developed over the years in the racing the MTM Clubsport, we are able to create a more driver-focused S4. The MTM product range for S4 is all about individual customer request, special performance parts and uncompromising solutions. The result: the pleasure of a car as individual as you are which delivers extreme awe-inspiring performance, outstanding handling and tremendous aural delights.

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MTM Warranty

To guarantee a safety paired with fun, MTM is offering a warranty in Germany and in some other european countries for your Audi S4 B8 optionally. Upon customer's request, all new vehicles can be granted a two- or three-year warranty on all essential assemblies of the vehicle up to a maximum age of 3 years and up to a total mileage of 100,000 km. Quick and easy handling at fixed prices with convincing performances this is what MTM guarantees for all vehicles with MTM refinement. Feel free to contact us via email if you have further questions.


MTM warranty up to 2 years from 1st registration

for 6-cylinder singleturbo engines

600.00 EUR

MTM warranty up to 3 years from 1st registration

for 6-cylinder singleturbo engines

1,100.00 EUR

MTM Engine modifications

The spectrum of our tuning modifications and performance kits for the Audi S4 B8 range from optimized reprogramming of the control electronics through to the complete conversion of the engine unit. Every Audi S4 B8 engine modification and performance kit has been developed by mtm and thoroughly tested for reliability in road and racing use. Because of the higher peak torque the fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 5 - 20 percent. The engine tuning does not have an negative effect on engine durability. After a performance upgrade petrol engines need min. 98 octane super plus petrol (diesel engines: no biodiesel).

Engine modifications

performance upgrade AUDI S4 3,0TFSI 440 hp

(324 kW)

1,990.00 EUR

MTM Exhaust Systems

The MTM Audi S4 B8 exhaust systems are developed and tested to achieve the maximum flow-rate and efficiency while at the same time keeping within exhaust emissions levels, a solution that fascinates with its manufacturing quality, design, function and sound. Exhaust systems from MTM represent innovative exhaust technology, handmade to perfection in high quality polished stainless steel to ensure durability and less weight in the Audi S4 B8.

Exhaust systems

MTM exhaust system Audi S4 B8 3,0TFSI 4-pipe

2,590.00 EUR
Exhaust systems

MTM exhaust system Audi S4 B8 3,0TFSI 4-pipe

with throttle valves in 2 pipes, control

3,590.00 EUR

MTM Rims/Wheels

The MTM bimoto rims with their attractive 9-spoke race design and superior quality impress at first sight. This optical tuning improves the image of the Audi S4 B8. Highlighted with a flawless finish, these light weight forged rims are produced to the highest OEM manufacturing standards ensuring high solidity and a technically precise rotation with a high load capacity, even in high performance and racing action.

Rims & Wheels

MTM-Spacers 20 mm round head per axle

Center = 66,5mm

128.00 EUR
Rims & Wheels

MTM-Spacers 30 mm round head per axle

Center = 66,5mm

128.00 EUR
Rims & Wheels

MTM-Spacers 40 mm Kugelsitz per axle

Center = 66,5mm

140.00 EUR
Rims & Wheels

set rims MTM bimoto 8 x 18 ET 30 LK 5x112

incl. 10mm adapter kit Z=66,5mm

1,467.00 EUR
Rims & Wheels

set rims MTM bimoto 8,5x 19 ET35 LK 5x112 66,5

1,502.00 EUR
Rims & Wheels

set rims MTM Nardo Edition 8 x 18 ET 27 LK 5x112

incl. 20 mm adapter kit (center 66,5 mm)

1,517.00 EUR
Rims & Wheels

set rims MTM Nardo Edition 8,5x19 ET35 LK 5x112

(center 66,5 mm)

1,641.00 EUR
Rims & Wheels

set rims MTM Nardo Edition 8,5x20 ET34 LK 5x112

incl. 10 mm adapter kit (center 66,5 mm)

2,118.00 EUR
Rims & Wheels

set rims MTM Nardo Edition 9x20 ET40 LK 5x112

(center 66,5 mm)

2,241.00 EUR
Rims & Wheels

set rims MTM Bimoto 9 x 20 ET42 LK 5x112

2,368.00 EUR
Rims & Wheels

set rims MTM bimoto-forged 9 x 20 ET42 LK 5x112

wheel center 66,5 mm

4,998.00 EUR

MTM Suspension Kits

The MTM suspensions kits are built especially for sportive skilled driver are manufactured using quality materials to ensure durability and guaranteed quality. The suspension settings are adjusted and tested for the Audi S4 B8 in accordance to the customers individual preferences. For vehicles with air suspensions we developed an electronic lowering technology.

Suspension kits

Sets of lowering springs / coilovers available for

your car!

On request
Suspension kits

MTM-spring kit individual adjustable B8 lim, coupé

and Sportback front 10-40 / rear 15-45 mm

699.00 EUR
Suspension kits

MTM Performance Suspension V3 by KW Audi RS4

Avant quattro for vehicles without DRC

2,099.00 EUR

MTM Brakes

The MTM brake systems for the Audi S4 B8 are technically designed to improve the overall braking process whilst retaining the braking comfort of the original brakes, and are the choice brake systems for high performance vehicles and executive saloons. All kits are TÜV approved for road use.


MTM- brake 380 X 34 mm with Brembo 8 piston


5,987.00 EUR

MTM Performance parts

Our performance parts for race and street use of the Audi S4 B8 are manufactured using quality materials to ensure durability and guaranteed quality. All parts have been thoroughly tested for reliability in road and racing use.

Performance parts

Deactivation Start/Stop System Audi A4 / Q5

from 2013

90.00 EUR
Performance parts

sport air filters light oiled

110.00 EUR
Performance parts

MTM Eventuri Carbon air intake system S4/S5 B8

3,0 TFSI

1,499.00 EUR

MTM Styling

MTM's exterior styling options and aerodynamic kits improves the character of the Audi S4 B8 with an elegant sports trim befitting high performance vehicle and executive saloons.


MTM LED Car Door Logo Light with MTM Logo AUDI

Plug 'n Play

40.00 EUR

set MTM interior design stickers

60.00 EUR

set MTM exterior design stickers

125.00 EUR

MTM Accessories

We also offer the following attractive vehicle accessories for the Audi S4 B8.


MTM boot mat w. logo Audi A4 B8 sedan

75.00 EUR

MTM-carpet A4 B8 / A5 Sportback with MTM-Logo

149.00 EUR

MTM GPS tracking system

435.00 EUR

MTM Other products

We also offer the following supplementary components for the Audi S4 B8.


Webasto auxiliary heating Audi S4 / S5 B8

2,790.00 EUR