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Geneva Motor Show 2014

MTM’s power parade at the Geneva Motor Show: powerful performance!


When the 84th Geneva Motor Show’s doors open on March 4, initially for journalists and trade visitors from around the world only, they will find Audi neighbour MTM, the small but perfectly formed developer and manufacturer of high-performance cars, ensconced on stand 2045 in Hall 2. MTM will be parading a world record, which the company owes to an A8 4.2 TDI “Nardo Edition”: with Managing Director Roland Mayer at the wheel, the diesel clocked precisely 300 km/h at the Nardo record test track in southern Italy. No road-legal, diesel-engined car has ever driven faster. With 410 hp under the bonnet and a beefy torque of 930 Nm, the luxury saloon makes it through 100 km/h in only five seconds, and but for a sound system developed and patented by Audi, and located in the exhaust system, the powerful performance would be barely audible. Aerodynamic assistance during the record breaking drive was not be dispensed with: the 9 X 20, ET 42 bimoto wheels featured flow-optimised shrouds.

MTM RS Q3 - five-cylinder power unit
An SUV such as the Q3 is assumed to possess the classic characteristics of a Sport Utility Vehicle: sporty and versatile but, despite that, in the main the good friend for the whole family - and in general that is the case. But specifically in MTM’s case, while not challenging these characteristics, it interprets them - in typical company style - rather more generously. For example, the MTM RS Q3 TSI is powered by an extremely potent 2.5 litre displacement five-cylinder in-line engine. 560 Nm of torque make for considerable thrust in all speed ranges and the 100 km/h mark is reached and left behind after a mere 4.9 seconds. The top speed is - provisionally - 268 km/h. Provisionally, because an upgrade is in the offing for the current power output of 424 hp. A 504 hp power unit is currently undergoing the obligatory endurance test on the test rig. A harmonious coordination of engine and driving performance is ensured by a 380 X 34 mm calibre MTM brake on the front axle combined with a carbon diffuser for optimal downforce and with a KW DDC chassis riding on Michelin Super Velours 275/35 ZR 20 tyres mounted on 9 x 20 bimoto wheels.

VW Amarok - tailor-made for eight cylinders
As a technology partner of the DIRKS Group in Emden, MTM is unveiling a Volkswagen Amarok, which both outwardly as well in actuality puts every previous interpretation of the Amarok in the shade: instead of a two litre, four cylinder turbo diesel engine, in this case there is a V8 4.2 TDI under the bonnet. And the engine is just the ticket; fits like a glove. The 410 hp and 930 Nm of torque command attention with sensational driving performance: the V8 Passion reaches 100 km/h from a standing start in six seconds with a top speed of 222 km/h. To enable the driver to call on this without any driver acrobatics, the rear axle had to say goodbye to leaf springs. A Panhard rod combined with air springs now ensures rock solid axle guidance. Unlike the production Amarok, disc brakes now feature on the rear axle as well. An MTM brake (405 x 36 mm) provides the restraining force on the front axle and the BBS SV wheels, specially fabricated for SUVs, are shod with Michelin Latitude 295/40 22s. All in all an imposing appearance, the interior of which keeps the promise made by the cut of its jib.