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Suspensions A4 B9 Avant

Keeping a firm grip on the tarmac


“Power only translates into fun when one can lay it all down on the road”, according to Roland Meyer, CEO of the Wettstetten-based MTM Tuning, and he knows what he is talking about. The latest brainchild of the technical department is a B9 A4 Avant that offers outstanding grip, and excellent handling with a good measure of comfort. These sporting talents are delivered via a fully-adjustable set of springs specified by MTM technicians and developed in co-operation with suspension specialists KW. Following extensive testing, this spring set will be offered exclusively by MTM tuning for a price of €799 plus five hours of installation time including wheel alignment and an MTM guarantee. The new sets of springs works both with and without the DRC system and is available for front axle weights up to either 1135 kg or 1180 kg and rear axle weight of up to 1240 kg. The springs can be adjusted between 20mm and 45mm lower than standard. None of the modifications require disengaging the standard suspension system, which remains active even with the electronic damping option. With these suspension modifications, the driver of the A4 (B9) Avant can maintain a claw-like grip with the road - whether the vehicle has 2- or 4-wheel drive.