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Suspension kits

Sportiness and safety


MTM Coilover suspensions – adjustable height, compression and rebound damping

The MTM Coilover suspensions have been built especially for sportive skilled driver, who wants control over the vehicles chassis setting. Our Coilover suspensions manufactured by KW are adjustable after fitting. This completely redesigned damper technology can from the outside easily be adjusted by the user to suit particular preferences. Almost all the damper components and the complete ventilation technology have been highly developed to state of the art of the technology. The improvement of the traction phase ventilation technology and the reduction of the system-friction enable a more effective adjustment of the traction absorption and a clear improvement of durability. The MTM Coilovers setting are adjusted and tested for each vehicle, and height is set in accordance to the customer individual preference. The Coilover are manufactured using the highest quality materials and stainless steel to ensure durability and guaranteed quality.


MTM Air suspensions – electronic lowering by MTM

For vehicles with air suspensions we developed an electronic lowering technology. Optimum comfort and optically perfect suspension lowering of the vehicle clearly belong together: the vehicle rest considerably lower when stationary giving it a more exclusive appearance, when the engine is started the chassis is lifted to the ideal drive dynamic position. With a selection switch the driver can control the degree of lowering to suit a particular driving technique.

A guideline to electronically lowered suspension setting:
Electronically lowered vehicle are in general measured, mtm however recommends when possible that the first measurement is taken after approximately 1000km with new vehicles.


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