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Today, more than ever, the desire for excellent music reproduction is at odds with the possibilities for retooling in modern automobiles. Major changes to the vehicle for the installation of sound components are not for everyone and are simply taboo for many leasing vehicles. It is precisely for this reason that the sound concept products were developed in collaboration with Audiotec Fischer – because they make it possible to achieve new sound dimensions with the least possible installation effort.

Especially with the Plug & Play line, the principle applies: The vehicle remains as it is without the need to change anything sustainably – ideal conditions for the “without trace” retrofitting during the sale of the vehicle. The Plug & Play components are the perfect solution for the best sound from factory radio and original speakers.

But even if the new sound system is to be more individual, the MTM product range offers the right product for almost every demand.

No matter what you choose: The difference in sound from the plant is an overwhelming – promised!


Overview of the advantages of our Plug & Play systems:

  • No radio or speaker replacement required
  • No changes to vehicle electrics
  • No interference with existing CAN/MSCET bus systems
  • All cables pre-assembled for real plug and play
  • Short installation times (usually < 1 hour)
  • No restrictions on the suitability of the vehicle to be in everyday use
  • trouble-free retrofit without leaving any trace


Overview of the advantages of the sound concept series:

  • Easy installation with intelligent detailed solutions
  • Various pre-assembled cables available for easy connection to existing vehicle components
  • No interference with existing CAN/MSCET bus systems required
  • Combination with both OE radios and retrofit radios is possible without any problems
  • Compact and efficient amplifiers with low heat development


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