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Nardo rim

Available in 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch and 21 inch


“Nardo” – a name rich with associations for a new alloy wheel from MTM. The striking spoked-wheels are offered in sizes from 17” to 20” diameter and are available for immediate order for Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW and McLaren. Different bolt-hole diameters and wheel offsets ensure that an optimal set of wheels is available for most model variants.

It isn’t just the mtm “Nardo’s” wheel’s attractive design that commands attention. It’s name is a declaration of intent: sporty, record contender, robust and top-notch quality. With a maximum load capacity of 705 kg, it is superlatively qualified for peak stresses such as racing and high speed record-breaking runs. The new wheel is manufactured using so-called low pressure casting technology. Compared with gravity casting, this ensures superior load capacity allied with lower weight.

And on the inner face there is room for MTM high performance sport brakes: e.g. for an 8-piston fixed-calliper brake up to 405mm diameter friction ring. Outwardly as well, all MTM “Nardo” wheels provide a perfect fit. They are designed so as to make optimal use of the wheel arch space in the particular model in question. And, an especially customer-friendly feature, they can be used with the standard wheel bolts incl. cover.

Additional benefits of the MTM “Nardo” wheel at a glance:

  • Optional tyre pressure sensors. The functionality of the production standard tyre pressure monitoring systems is retained
  • No change to the car body required
  • Combinable with all commercially available lowering options
  • Secured using production standard bolts. Original wheel locks fit
  • Approved for all series production brake systems
  • TÜV approved, strength appraisals
  • easy to clean

A large wheel requires heavy duty tyres, good enough for top performance. Michelin is the tyre partner for the MTM “Nardo” wheel.


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